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Life of Pi
Wiki---This space was created fall of 2006 at Arapahoe High School in my English classroom. This was a completely organic process, one that provided such amazing discussion and exploration of Yann Martel's fascinating novel. We also conducted an online conversation with writing/conversation prompts. Click here to read our discussion of this fascinating, engaging story: www.ahslifeofpi.blogspot.com Again in 2007, I had my seniors use wikispaces as a place to meet beyond the classroom walls. Their wiki is: http://lifeofpi2.wikispaces.com I was thrilled at some of the similar discoveries that ocurred, but also of the different research and mediums they added to help their understanding.

I welcome any conversations regarding this space and unit. Please know that this is not a live space anymore as these seniors have graduated. Each fall, starting in September, I will start a new Life of Pi wiki where again, I will create a blank space for students in high school to collect vocabulary terms, character information, questions, geographic information, and any other information we feel necessary to understand this complex book about a boy simply trying to survive. For 2 months, the new wiki will be live and I welcome visitors, however, I need you to email me first. I want to make certain that our visitors are high school appropriate! Thank you for your support and interest.

If you were added as a member, please do not change any of the students' writing; this was an open forum for them to explore their study topic and to create a deeper understanding of this novel. You are welcome to add your ideas, but again, know that the students are done with this wiki. Please join are next wiki this fall, if you would like to add your thoughts, questions, etc. to our pages. We would love the participation. And Yann Martel, we thank you for your "crazy-cool story" (as one high-schooler put it) and would love to have you "stop by!"

We hope you enjoy visiting our site and want any onlookers to know we are not claiming to be experts, but are collaboratively exploring this novel and its concepts together.

In the spirit of constructivism,

Michele Davis
Arapahoe High School
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