This group will read watching for relationships and how they affect Pi: father figures, animals, officials, etc.

Each relationship in Pi's life affects his beliefs which further molds him into someone dependent on others' values. His journey in life is in search of independence. "Religion will save us", Pi said. Mr. Kumar tells Pi that, "Religion is darkness" (Martel 34). Later, Pi states that Mr. Kumar became his favorite teacher and the reason he studied zoology. This shows inability to think for himself. Lera Y. Kelsey G. Jen F. Jim L Ellen T. How do you see it as his inability to think for himself and not a critical teacher in Pi's life that allowed him to see someone who wasn't religious as someone who could still teach him? Are all our teachers, mentors, simply people who we "follow" without thinking for ourselves?

external image ICHTHUS.gif
It seems that the three religions present in Pi's life are symbolic of

Pi explains the social rank of animals in much of the same way that one could define the social rank of humans. The strong relationship that he has with animals is the cause of him creating a very thin line between them and humans. He creates a new society, consisting of the animals he grew up with and himself. This relationship begins to tear, though, after Pi's father shows him exactly how dangerous his community members can really be. Now he is kind-of stuck in between, he doesn't really have anyone to run to. Its like he has outcasted himself from everything.
-Katie C.

Although we dont know too much about the relationship between Pi and Ravi (Pi's brother) we do know that Ravi has made a name for himself at school with all the activities he successfully takes part in. Pi seems to be jealous at times that he might not be able to live up the the standards set by his older brother but I also wonder if Pi looks up to Ravi and his accomplishments for his own personal inspiration.
-Lauren C.

In the book it seems that Pi and his family have a very stong relationship with Mamaji. Mamaji named Pi. Pi looked up to him because he was such a great swimmer a great friend of the family. Pi loved to be around Mamaji and would swim with him all the time. The book goes into great detail, over many pages about how Pi got his name from Mamaji and Pi's many swimming experiances with him. Mamaji also tells the narrator about Pi's story. He says it will "make you believe in God." In the book it shows how Mamaji is a part of the family and has a great relationship with the Patels.
-Sarah R.

Pi seeks to enhance his relationship with animals through the use of religion. He understands the complexity of animals and the structure and bond that they possess, however he also believes that there is a spiritual relationship between all living things and i believe that this will become a very important theme as we progress through the novel. I predict that Pi's relationship with the animals and with god will have a drastic affect his relationship with his family.
-Mac N.

Pi's relationship with Mr. Kumar is very interesting because their views are very different. On page 35, Mr. Kumar discusses his lack of belief in God with Pi, who does believe in God. Instead of being offended by Mr. Kumar's statements, Pi takes them to heart and uses them by putting them into his own perspective. After Mr. Kumar walks away, Pi thinks about what he said and then realizes that doubt is ok, but not final. You either believe or you don't and doubt is just a middle stage. I love that Pi is able to be so calm when being told that his faith is basically false. I believe that how Pi handles his realtionship with a very different Mr. Kumar will help him to grow a great amount over the course of the book.
-Lauren D.

Pi on pages 36-39 in a way compares animals to humans. Pi says; "We commonly say in the trade that the most dangerous animal in the zoo is man".(36) First of all he points out that men are animals. Men are dangerous. Pi talks about all the terrible things that the humans do to the animals, such as poisoning them, feeding them food with sharp objects in them, and so on. Pi seems to appretiate animals so much and in the way he talks he seems to dislike humans. He loves the animals and seems to view humans to be the real animals. Pi is closeto the animals and has more of a relationship with animals then humans.

"When two creatures meet, the one that is able to intimidate his opponent is recognized as socially superior, so that a social decision does not always depend on a fight; an encounter on some circumstances may be enough" (pg.55). This shows that in order to maintain control of the tiger, the zoo keeper needs demonstrate that he is the alpha not the tiger. Thus, he will not be harmed when working with the tiger. Pi's father was also implementing this quote when he showed Pi and Ravi the tiger eating the goat. The lesson he was teaching the kids, was that they needed to watch the way they treated the animals becuase they could look nice on the outside but be horrible on the inside just like the "nice tiger" eating the goat.
external image baby_tiger_surprised_face.jpg
(This is what happens if you dont show alpha superiority over the tiger)
hafiz (pg78)- a title of respect for a Muslim who knows the Koran by heart.
ascendancy (pg55)- the state of being in the ascendant; governing or controlling influence; domination
lampoonery (pg89)- a sharp, often virulent satire directed against an individual or institution; a work of literature, art, or the like, ridiculing severely the character or behavior of a person, society, etc.
pandit (pg86)- a man in India esteemed for his wisdom or learning: often used as a title of respect.
bemused (pg.81)- bewildered or confused
incongruous (pg. 75)- not harmonious in character; inconsonant; lacking harmony of parts
-Spenser H, Kyle F, Aaron A, David A
Pi's relationship with animals, effects how he views religion. The sloth is slow and moves slowly, he is peaceful,similar to the belifes of Hinduism, the tiger is fierce and feared by most, similar to the religions of Christianity and Islam.
Sarah R, Sarah A, Lauren C, Lauren D

You aren't justified in saying that Christianity and Islam are not peaceful religions. They are not based upon fear.

*Through out the novel, Richard Parker is mention several times but was not yet revealed. Pi has learned many things from him, but who is he? An animal? a god? A human? And why doesn’t the author distinguish him? "Richard Parker still preys on his mind." chaper 12. It really adds realism to establish though out the novel and leads you to want to learn more.
Reading ahead this is who is figured to be Richard Parker*
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-*Kristin Dersh.*

As Pi is trapped on the boat his realtionship with Richard Parker becomes important. He realizes that Richard Parker become his only source of entertainment. If it wasnt for Richard Parkers will to keep Pi alive and his will to keep Richard alive, he would have died out at sea. From the relationship he learned how to better use his tools and supplies he carried on his boat. He also learned how to become the person with control on the boat, thus taming Richard and becoming the alpha male. Needing to find new resources he quickly becomes unafraid to kill other animals such as turtles and fish. At the beginning he wouldnt even kill the fish, he would just feed them live to Richard Parker. So his relationship with animals in general had changed. Not only would he respect them for what all they could give back to you, but came to depend on them for his survival. Also he develops a relationship with god. On page 240 it describes a day in the life of Pi on the boat. This includes praying in the morning, before lunch, late afternooon, at sunset, and finally before bed. God gives him the courage and will to survive longer.
-Spenser H, Kyle F, Aaron A, David A