This group is following Pi as he explores Christianity. They will relate words, phrases, quotes, symbols, etc. to the nature of God and how faith translates to life.

"I come here all the time. One might say it's my temple." (Martel 33) This quote relates to how Pi's teacher Mr. Kumar love of the zoo is like his chuch or temple. I think this will later bring insight to Pi's own belief of religon by discovering the relation of temples and animald through the zoo and animal behavior. Amanda W.

"A number of my fellow religious-studies students-muddled agnostics who didn't know which way was up, who were in the thrall of reason, that fool's gold for the bright-reminded me of the three-toed sloth; and the three-toed sloth, such a beautiful example of the miracle of life, reminded me of God." (Martel 5) This quote talks about how God's miracles are put on the earth for us to enjoy and shows how powerful he really is. He shows us through the three-toed sloth that all creaters big and small, slow and fast are here to be enjoyed by everyone. Pi's connection to this animal and his love for it furthers the belieft that Pi is a "Christ" like character and could later be considered a hero for such qualities. This quote could be a foreshadow to later on in the book when he is with the tiger, that is big and scary and he hates it. The tiger is still one of God's creaters that he has to enjoy and see the miracle of God through it. Melissa B Lauren F, and Billy W

".. ask me how Brahman and atman relate precisely, i would say in the same way the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit reate; mysteriously" (Martel 61). This is the start of when Pi discovers Jesus and Christianity. He describes the two religons together and relates them to onwe another by saying neither one is correct and that each one holds their own mysterious ways. Pi is just now beginning to discover the mysterious ways of Christianity. When pi goes into the Christian church for the first time he judges catholics. "Catholics have a reputation for severity, for judgement that comes down heavily" (Martel 66). As he learns more about catholics from Father Martin he discovers they are loving and caring that just wanted to share Gods love. Example: "He was a man whoes profession was to love, and he would offer comfort and guildance to the best of his ability" (Martel 65). Amanda W and Jenna H

"It strikes me now as a typically Christian scene. Christianity is a religion in a rush. Look at the world created in seven days. Even on a sybolic level, that's creation in a frenzy.To one born in a religion where the battle for a single soul can be a relay race run over centuries, with innumerable generations passing along the baton, the quick resolution of Christianity has a dizzying effect. If Hinduism flows placidly like the Ganges, then Christianity bustles like Toronto at rush hour. It is a religion as swift as a swallow, as urgent as an ambulance. It turns on a dime, expresses itself in the instant. In a moment you are lost or saved. Christianity streches back through the ages, but in essence it exists only at one time: right now." I'm not really a religious guy but i can believe what he is saying. Yet some i can't really follow. Like i can see a religion as being swift, but i have no clue why a religion would have to be as urgent as an ambulance. Ch17 Kris Mitchell

Christianity is a monotheistic[1] religion centered on Jesus of Nazareth, and on his life and teachings as presented in the New Testament.[2] Christians believe Jesus to be the Messiah and God incarnate and thus refer to him as Jesus Christ.( R., Jesse O., Susie H., Dan D.,

"Vishnu preserve me, Allah protect me, Christ save me, I can't bear it" (Martel 122. This quote mentions all the different Gods Pi believes in and what they do for him. "They were hoping that the hyena would attack me and that some how I would get rid of it and make the boat safefor them, no matter if it cost me my life" (Martel 138). This quote is very similar to the story in the Bible of David being put in the lion's den and was protected by God. Pi was put in a boat with a hyena and was protected by God because the hyena did not attack Pi, which was "supposed" to have happened. --Amanda W and Jenna H

Survivor Reflection

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amandaw1 writes: We had to do things thast Pi had to do to conquer. the competition between the groups is like the different animals that Pi hss competition with the animals in the boat. The scavenger hunt that we did was like when Pi found all of the things that he needed to suvive like the different groups needed to survive if we had gone under lick down like Pi needed to survive on the boat. The balloon activity shows the different skills that Pi was having to adopt when he was on the boat with the dangerous animals. Building the tin foil objects shows how to build things with a an item you usuallywouldn't build things out of which Pi had to do when he built the raft. These objects also reflected on the book showing our understanding of the novel. The survivor activity showed how Pi had to survive on the boat with limited resources and dangerous things that he had to conquer and overcome. Amanda W and Jenna H Throughout the novel, Pi uses three symbols to represent his three religions. These three symbols happen to represent the three main threats Pi faces. the tiger represents Hinduism. "Orange, such a nice Hindu color" (Martel 138). The island of Algae represents Islam "Green is such a lovely color, it's the color of Islam" (Martel 257). This leaves the sea representing Christianity. The fish in the sea can symbolize followers of Jesus and the flying fish impact the figure of angels. All three threats are immortal danger but each contribute to his salvation. For example, the sea could drown him buy is also the source of food for himself and Richard Parker. Amanda W and Jenna H.