The topic focus for this group is ANIMALS. What we are looking for are types of animals certainly, but more importantly, how the discussion of animals relate to zookeeping, ethics, and practice.

"But I learned at my expense that Father believed there was another animal even more dangerous than us, and one that was extremely commom, too...They are the pendants of those "vicious", "bloodthirsty", "depraved" animals that inflame ire of the maniacs I have just mentioned..." (Martel 39). Previous to this quote, Pi describes the torture and torment animals must endure due to humans. The reason that animals go through this torture is because of the ignorance and the lack of information of humans. Pi explains that humans are the most dangerous animals at the zoo. In this quote Pi communicates that his father believes that children are the most dangerous animal. They are naive and even more ignorant than the adults. They are the future who are being trained/taught by ignorant people. Children are more vulnerable to the dangers of animals. Pi's father communicates that children cannot be trusted. This viewpoint could be incorporated into Pi's disconnection from humans. -Larissa H

"There are two-toed sloths and there are three-toed sloths, the case being determined by the forepaws of the animal, since all sloths have three claws on their hind paws." (Martel 3). --Aubrey D Eric W Kelly O Mandy R Ryan W
external image sloth.jpg The fact that Pi picked the sloth as his animal for his thesis, indicates many years of study on an animal that moves hardly at all in a day. One that survives simply because of its laziness. We discussed this a little in class. What do you think this animal says about Pi?

I think Pi admires the sloth because of its laziness and how it avoids predators by hardly moving. Pi enjoys the simple things in life and realizes that you don't have to have an eventful life to be happy.
--Peter S.

Amazing SLOTH VIDEO!: Slow and Steady
-Tyler H. Ben S. Justin H.
Nice find on the sloth video; it is amazing!

"external image baby-elephant_lznp-0645.jpg
I noticed above, you posted a baby elephant, is that to allow us to readily see a picture, or to elicit disbelief at Pi's comment?

"The most dangerous animal of all. More keepers and visitors are killed/mauled by elephants than any other animal in a zoo. A young elephant will most likely dismember you and trample your body parts flat." (Martel 47)
--Aubrey D., Mandy R., Eric W., Ryan W., Kelly O.
external image elephant.jpg

50 people are killed by tigers each year.
In chapter 8 Pi's father forces him to watch a tiger eat a goat to scare Pi into staying away from the tiger.
"I'm going to show you how dangerous tigers are..." (Martel 43)
Visit this website to learn more about endangered Siberian tigers:
-Kaylyn W
I looked on the link and noticed right away that tigers' habitat has been lessened by 40% in the last decade. Do you think we will ever get to a society that has the only wildlife living in zoos? And what would the effect be?

Nothing is safe from tigers: Tigers RARRR!
Tyler H Justin H Ben S Peter S

Pi's father mentions many animals that may seem harmless yet can be deadly. "The smaller birds. They'll cut through your fingers with their beaks as if they were butter". (Martel 47). It seems as if his father is trying to teach Pi more than just how dangerous animals are. He is pointing out that you must be careful who you trust, whether it be an animal or person.
-Tyler H

Pi says "...the three-toed sloth, such a beautiful example of the miracle of life, reminded me of God"
(5). This is where his two majors come together. Pi admires the simplicity of the sloth, the way it is like a yogy in meditation when it sleeps upside down. He likes how it is unaware and blends into it's surroundings. Humans should all be a little bit more like sloths, live life simply and without fear. Here is a website to learn a little more about sloths.
Brittany H

"That a big, black, tropical, tropical cat managed to survive for more thatn two months in a Swiss winter without being seen by anyone, let alone attacking anyone, speaks plainly to the fact that escaped zoo animals are not dangerous absconding criminals but simply wild creatures seeking to fit in." (52) Pi spends alot of time in the book describing how animals are not dangerous blood thirsty monsters but that it's far more physcological than that. Ch. 9 through 14 seem to be foreshadowing the conflict he will have to overcome in the future and and the person he must become in the boat with the tiger. He must mantain his alpha and respect and know that animals arn't looking to kill you but rather just a way to fit in and find there comfort zone. I see all his stories and knowledge about animals about to take an important role in his survival, if he can use it will be the question. by the way he's talking about a black panther that escaped a Zurich zoo in Germany and managed to survive all winter by finding a niche in a barn in the country.
Peter L.

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"It is interesting to note that the lion that is the most amenable to the circus trainers tricks is the one with the lowest social standing in the pride, the omega animal" (56). The omega lion is the easiest to train for the circus and it has the closest relationship with the super-alpha trainer becuase it is the least likely to attack when threatened.
--Kelly O. Eric W. Mandy R. Aubrey D. Ryan W.

"Life will defend itself no matter how small it is. Every animal is ferocious and dangerous." (martel 47) Is pi's father trying to protect him or teach him that he has inner srength. Is Pi's father giving a warning or a an encouragement or both. Pi's father seems to be teaching him about the resiliency of the human race. How does this influence Pi's views on the environment and is technology simply a means of defending life?= Wade C.
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In the novel nature seems to represent natural events that happen in life. This is coupled together with the theory that the Animals could represent religion and how in a time of trouble and turmoil religion(Animals) wont do anything unless it is to hurt eachother.(Logan T)